The Solo 401 manual sprayer is a flexible mini helper ideal for plant protection on balconies and patios. This compact model is also suitable for cleaning vehicles, janitorial disinfection, spraying houshold cleaners and achieving pest control.

The sprayer features a robust pump which reaches the required operating pressure inside the one litre tank after just a few strokes. The large pump lever can quicly raise the internal pressure up to a maximum of 2.5 bar. The sprayer is fitted with a high quality hollow cone nozzle which is fully adjustable – from a direct jet to the finest mist. The pivoting nozzle makes spraying easy, even the underside of leaves, for example.

The Solo 401 sprayer has an integral safety valve which protects the appliance against excess pressure build-up.  The large filling aperture enables clean filling, also enabling any leftovers to be easily drained.

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