Pica Marking Tools

Marker for Deep Holes
Ideal for spots hard to reach
Marks on almost all kinds of dry surfaces
Convenient quiver cap with special clip for perfect one handed handling
Permanent alcohol-based ink , removable from glossy surfaces with alcohol and other usable solvents
Instantly water and abrasion resistant
Extended tip made of stainless steel – self-adjusting and patented: up to 3 times more marking capacity by using full 7 mm of the fiber nib’s length of abrasion, instead of 2 mm

Nib can be twisted several times by 180° – for a “second, third, … life”
Move the telescopic tip back with pincers
Tear out the nib wick and turn through 180°
Insert the nib wick again and move the telescopic tip forward

Longlife Automatic Pencil

NEW: The only Construction Marker with effective dust and moisture protection
Push-button as umbrella cap and barrel with sealing ring for maximum all-round protection against external influences.

NEW: Reliable hold in the long term
Its new “Power Lock” mechanism inside is a milestone in the development:

The duration of the lead holding power has been tripled
The longevity of the product once more has been noticeably improved

“LONGLIFE CAP” with extra strong clip and robust sharpener for long term use

The new Pica-Dry: the marking tool for professional craftsmen

Extremely sustainable thanks to refillability
Its FOR ALL graphite lead 2B marks on almost any surface, whether dry, wet, glossy, rough or dusty
Most versatile capabilities due to special leads: for bright or dark surfaces, in water soluble or water jet resistant
Wipe clean from glossy surfaces with a damp cloth
Barrel with roll stop
Convenient quiver cap with special clip for perfect one handed handling
Patented: The integrated sharpener in the quiver cap – always and immediately at hand
High value push mechanism for automatic lead feed in a stainless steel tube
Leads most easy to refill from the back end
Its graphite lead for Joiners in special hardness H is ideal for fine markings on dry surfaces
The water resistant Summer leads is stable up to 70° C

Pica-Gel Signalmarker
The perfect substitute for tube markers
Quick • Effortless • Economic
Very easy and effortless handling: No sweaty tube pressing
Time saving: Marking works considerably faster than using a tube marker
Most economic: 1 Pica-Gel substitutes up to 4 tube markers of 50 ml each

Pica BIG Ink
Smart-Use Marker XL
The combination of Smart-Use advantages makes it so unique!

SMART: Permanent marker and deep hole marker in one
Combines strong and highly visible markings with pinpoint accuracy
Suitable for all glossy and dry surfaces
Special soft and shape-sturdy tip: provides an unique writing experience

SMART: Always and everywhere at hand
Thanks to the innovative quiver cap the marker is always to hand
One handed handling: the quiver cap always stays on the trousers

SMART: The “TWIST & REVIVE” writing tip for life extension
The “TWIST & REVIVE” writing tip can be completely turned around – for a quick revival
The large XL ink reserve can thus continue to be used up
The stainless steel tube around the writing nib ensures clean fingers

SMART: The first deep hole marker in white
INSTANT-WHITE: Marks instantly without shaking and without pumping
Permanent water based ink
Water- and smudge-resistant markings after approx. 20 seconds
Attention for BIG Ink® in white: To prevent irreversible drying of the tip, make sure that the marker is left without the cap for a maximum of 2 minutes
The innovative “Gel-lead” makes the difference:
Marks both on glossy and rough materials, no matter if bright or dark, rusty or oily, hot or freezing cold
Most permanent, after few minutes
High contrast and opaque markings – even on dark surface
Weather & light resistant – ideal for outdoor use
Mutable line width from 2 – 8 mm possible
With useful quiver cap for perfect one handed handling
High quality, smoothly running twist mechanism
Chloride-free for marking on stainless steel
Temperature resistant markings up to approx. 1000°C

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