The 21 cm long SchnippSchnapp XL by GARDENA are an all-purpose pair of scissors that you can use flexibly around your household or for your hobbies. The ergonomic handles with soft grips ensure comfortable handling with no slipping. The scissors fit nicely in the hand of both left-handed and right-handed users. With the help of their specially ground blades made of stainless steel, you will successfully make particularly long and precise cuts. They reliably cut paper, wallpaper, leather or textiles. The scissors are food-safe and do not affect the smell or taste of food. Therefore, they are suitable for use in the kitchen. The SchnippSchnapp XL is a quality product made in Germany, which GARDENA supports with a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty. Express your vision with precision. Easy to use, effective and durable cutting tools for creative gardeners.

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