The GARDENA Ratchet Secateurs SmartCut Comfort with 25 mm cutting diameter will be a great help for cutting stronger twigs and branches as well as dry wood. The secateurs are equipped with ErgoTec handles made of sturdy aluminium and soft grip. This makes the SmartCut fit comfortably in your hand with any slipping. The clever, automatic SmartCut function provides you with 2 times more power when cutting. This means that you can even cut through thicker branches. The secateurs use the anvil cutting principle and have a precision-ground and non-stick coated blade. This ensures a clean cut that is gentle on your plants. After use, you simply close the secateurs with the single-hand safety lock to store them safely. The Ratchet Secateurs SmartCut Comfort are a quality product made in Germany, GARDENA offers you a manufacturer’s warranty of 25 years. Express your vision with precision. Easy to use, effective and durable cutting tools for creative gardeners.

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