The Rapid Connector Set from GARDENA connects a conventional garden hose to a tap with a pearl jet head, for example in your kitchen or bathroom. You’ll be able to reach plants on the balcony or roof terrace for easy, direct watering. The complete set consists of a Hose Connector, a Tap Connector and a Bubble-Jet Threaded Adapter. After connecting the Bubble-Jet adapter a soft, airy water jet is provided for you. The GARDENA plug-in system makes fitting the hose and tap connector quick and easy. The clever design supports you when attaching so that you do not slip, even with wet fingers. The elements are part of the Original GARDENA System, which makes it possible to attach any connection device. All components are frost-proof and UV-stable. The Rapid Connection Set is a quality product that comes with a five-year warranty from GARDENA. Das Original GARDENA System.

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