GARDENA’s Pruning Lopper SlimCut is a great help for thinning out bushes and shrubs as well as other garden pruning tasks. As branches and twigs often grow close together, the very narrow head and the 0° opening angle ensure that you can reach these tight areas easily and thin out dense undergrowth without any problems. You can effortlessly reach the branches thanks to the adjustable handle with a total length of 1.17 metres. The handle is made of aluminium, therefore the pruning loppers weigh only 1.2 kilograms. The ergonomically shaped handles with soft grip components make the tool easy to handle even with gloves. The lower ErgoTec handle is height-adjustable, so you can set it to suit your size and adopt an upright position that is easy on your back when gardening. The integrated two-gear transmission helps to ensure that every cut is a success. With a just a single movement, you can choose between the 1:12 or 1:6 transmission. The larger gear ratio is best suited for cutting thicker branches, while the smaller one can be used to make quick cuts through thin branches thanks to the shorter leverage. Precision-ground blades with non-stick coating ensure a precise cut that is gentle on plants and can be used to cut fresh wood. The SlimCut is a quality product, which is reflected in the GARDENA 25-year warranty. Express your vision with precision. Easy to use, effective and durable cutting tools for creative gardeners.

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