Premium complete set with cleaning nozzle for a quick tap and hose connection
Everything you need for immediate hose connection to a garden hose for cleaning or watering tasks is included in the Premium Basic Set from GARDENA. All connection parts belong to the Original GARDENA System, which allows you to attach to any connection devices. The modern, sophisticated design with high-quality metal-plastic finish, which guarantees you a high level of robustness, are excellent features. The Premium Cleaning Nozzle is ideally suited for cleaning stubborn dirt or watering. On the one hand, its soft plastic elements make it comfortable and easy to grip in your hand and it is fully adjustable. On the other hand, the trigger button can be fixed for permanent watering, so you avoid tired hands. When using the Premium Water Stop, the practical Auto Water Stop function automatically comes into effect as soon as you change a connection device. The water flow is then interrupted during operation and only resumes when you firmly attach a new connection device to the hose. The Premium Hose Connector and the Premium Water Stop are also characterised by their sturdy metal clamping nuts with extended hose guide, which achieve a particularly high hose retention force. All components are especially comfortable to work with. They have good ergonomics and soft plastic elements (cleaning nozzle), or grooved grip recesses made of soft plastic (water stop and hose connector), so that they can be held securely without slipping even with wet hands. All parts are frost-proof and are therefore suitable for year-round use. The set is made in Germany and GARDENA provides a warranty of 5 years. Das Original GARDENA System.

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